From Tom Davis -  This year I hired a professional painter who power washed the inside and outside portion and stained the outside portion (railings, stairs, floor boards, spindles - the "works") for $400 and tells me I should expect to go 2 years before it needs it again.  I did also pay for the stain.  Also, after power washing, the inside area appears nearly new. The name of the painter who did our deck is Dirk Buschmann.  He is a professional painter employed by UNI's plant services.  It is my impression he takes a only a few jobs on the side.  I have been acquainted with him for more than 10 years and hired him for other jobs at our previous home predating his UNI employment.  I have always been satisfied with the results.  His cell phone number is 319-883-0829

Jeff Thomas’ son is also available. You can check out his work on Units 11 & 12 at 5418 and 5420
Contact Jeff for his contact information.



From Phil Akin


After several months of requesting estimates, I feel as though I've run a marathon on this and someone moved the finish line.. : )


After all this time only one company has given us a quote to put the new material on our decks. 


Spier Construction can remove the old surface and railings and facing boards and replace with the composite type material. (I have brochures on the recommended brands from Barnes Materials. The name brands are Trex and Timber Tech. These types of materials are not the type that needs to be refinished or washed the way some of the other condos in our group have applied. This is a higher rated type "wrapped" product. 


So all of the prices include Removing the old decking and railings, applying the new material to stair stringers and deck rim, install new material boards to the deck and steps, new vinyl railings to deck and to the steps. Clean up all debris, dump fees and permits.  


I also asked Spier to quote what the re-do would be for new flooring and railings in the enclosed areas. Those prices are listed below and are in addition to the exterior portion. 


Spier can start the first of September. 


The prices are high and I don't like not having a competitive quote to compare to. But I can't even get contractors to return my calls. 


Unit 5502 exterior   9,390.60

interior   2,979.20


Unit 5504 exterior   13,222.44

enclosed area       2,797.20


Units 5402, 5410, 5412 and 5414 

exterior 10,217.88

enclosed area    3,456.00


Units 5406 and 5408

exterior    9,110.88

enclosed area    3,456.00


So if everyone did everything the total contract could be as high as $81,706.32.


You would think that size of project would be enough to get someone else interested.


I'm not sure what to think. I'd love to have my deck redone. I think I'd spend $5,000, maybe even as much as $7,000. But $13,500 to redo my unit is way more that I'm ready to do. Maybe we should look at hiring a very professional staining company to just finish our decks once a year. Even if it costs me $1,000 a year to have someone to a great job it might be worth it. 



From John Sampson

We did our exterior deck and railings with material from Menards (Ultradeck) Materials totaled $2200.00. The materials are guaranteed for 10 years.   Installation by TnT construction was $ 1600.00. the product faded more than we expected, but does nearly match the siding color.