Most of us have, at some time, thought how nice it would be to have a reasonably priced product available to enclose our sun rooms without changing the fresh air-outdoor ambiance of the rooms.. the windy spring has certainly sparked those thoughts at 5422, therefore John Sampson did some research and sought approval of a product that they intend to have installed.

Last night the board unanimously approved the Eze-Breeze 4 track window for the optional enclosure of the screened in sun rooms on our condo units.. This is a product that will make the screened in enclosure usable during inclement weather keeping the elements out and allowing true 3 season use of the rooms.

White and Bronze colored frames are approved to match the trim on the units. The vinyl window material can be ordered in 4 different tints.. dark gray, gray, bronze and no change in cost .. each window can have any combination of tints you might desire.

John Sampson has a demonstration window if any of you desire to see the product and participate at this time in order to take advantage of the discounts we have or might earn. He will be happy to show the unit to you at your convenience.. Call me at the numbers below. He will also canvass the owners in person this coming weekend.

Links to window information are below...

This one is almost identical to our installation

More at these

Product brochure and details of measurement are at the link below

Installation & measuring are at the link below

Mike Foss of the Ar-Jay Center is the contact for the supplier of the windows. 319-393-5885 I did inquire at Barnes (trying to do business locally) and they can not get this product... Ar-Jay is the dealer for this area
Ar-Jay will be discounting the units 10% for an order of 5 and 20% for an order of 10.. ( we have 6 people already committed so there will be a 10% discount )

Utilizing an outside mount is a difficult concept to communicate, I'll going to try to add more detail about "RECONFIGURING" the railing and spindles.. I believe this can be done changing the appearance of our units the least of the options available to us. .. The railings need to be moved inward approximately 2 1/16 inches creating a space into which the windows would be installed. I believe we can create a railing that will support the spindles ( satisfying the building code) that is attached inside the 4 X 4 posts notched to cover any trace of the former location where the railings were fastened. The outside mount units have the screen on the outside therefore, the appearance of the exterior would change less than eliminating the screen outside the rails replacing it with one inside... This installation will also necessitate moving the bottom panels by putting your hands through the spindles to lift the window panel(s).

This would more than likely be more costly than simple framing to utilize inside mount windows. I will let everyone know as soon as I consult with the carpenter as to the cost of this option...

A revue of the pricing follows below

Mr Foss has Quoted us a price of $264.00 for the basic window Outside Mount with Screen ( 5 @ $237.60 required total $1188.00 after 10% discount) ...
Inside Mount WITHOUT screen utilizing the existing screen .. basic unit $234.00 ( 5 @ $210.60 required total $1053.00 after 10% discount) ...
Inside Mount WITH screen .. basic unit $234.00 plus $50.60 for the screen ( 5 @ $256.14 required total $1280.70 after 10% discount) ...

There is a delivery cost of $65 for the entire order for enclosing 5 units or about $13.00 per sun room

Utilizing the inside mount, there needs to be a fram built projecting approximately 2 1/8 inches into the room utilizing screened units or 1 3/4 inches utilizing units without screens.Brian, Owner of TNT, construction will be doing the framing and installation 319-240-4306 ( estimated cost of material & installation labor is $250 - $350 for the inside mount )

John Sampson would be happy to bring the demonstration window to any of your homes to discuss this more thoroughly... Just give him a call at 553-3608

Remember we can earn an additional 10% discount if 10 units decide to do this project.. that's only 4 more :-)

Using the screened units in either configuration would eliminate the existing screens with their vinyl molding which buckles and moves during wide temperature swings. It does not look good and is impossible to maintain with any permanancy.

We need to move decisively as the time frame for completion is 3 to 4 weeks total ... The sequence is frame preparation is done then Ar-Jay comes to measure .. product is custom manufactured delivery in 2 to 3 weeks ... installation is pretty simple and straight forward...